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Acting As If – 5 Steps to Get What You Want

April 12, 2018

” Acting as if ” is one of the Law of Attraction powerful techniques for manifesting your dream reality. The idea behind it is that by acting as if you have already reached your goal, you are aligning yourself to that version of yourself and bringing it faster into your physical experience. Once you start acting as if you have the life you want, you will start to change your habits, beliefs, and attitudes which will bring you the life that is aligned with your vision.
Here are 5 steps to start acting as if.

1. Get clear on your vision.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself what do you want to achieve and why do you want to achieve it. If you want to become fit, write it on a piece of paper, think about how it will make you feel, the confidence you’re going to build or how your body will be stronger. Think about what your exact goals are so that you know what you’re going for. I got more in-depth about visualization and getting clear on your vision in this post.




2. Find inspiration for acting as if.



The best method in my experience in finding inspiration is thinking about how other people who have already achieved what I want to act like. One of my goals is being a full-time blogger which can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. Finding people who have achieved it and reading about their experience makes it so much easier. For instance, one of my favorite bloggers, Ell Duclos, has written a couple of blog posts on how she works from home and how she manages her time for blogging. That was very helpful for me since when I started blogging I had no idea what to do.

Finding inspiration from other people doesn’t mean copying them and their lifestyle. It means that you’re seeing what is working for them and if you realize it would work for you, then include it into your life in your own way. Same thing if your goal is to get fit. You can find inspiration for workouts/meals online, but still, you can adjust it in a way it works for you.

When being inspired by other people, I prefer focusing on their attitude instead of what they are doing. Yes, you can get some inspiration from their habits, but in acting as if – the attitude is key. Think about how they go with their days, they are surely not wasting their time. Everything starts in your thoughts so people who are full-time bloggers know that they have to show up for their readers and people who are fit know the importance of exercising and they are not avoiding it. Get into the mindset of a person who has achieved what you want and start acting as if you already are that person, not anyone else. Not the past you, but instead – the best version of you. The version who has achieved the goal.

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3. Get rid of everything that is not aligning with your vision.



In order to get from point A to point B, you need to realize that first, you have to move away from point A. Don’t be afraid to leave everything that is not serving you on point A. Point A is where you are now, point B is your ideal life. I encourage you to take a piece of paper, divide it into two columns and on the left side write ”A – present” and on the right side ”B – ideal life”. In the first column write everything that is not serving you. It may be sleeping in, snoozing the alarm, that ”friend” who is only calling you when they need something, clothes that don’t fit, food that is making you feel bloated, songs on your phone you always skip, books you own but you know you will never read, some people you follow on Instagram… Whatever that is, write it down.

You need to be willing to get rid of things that are making you being stuck in point A if you want to move forward. Decide that getting rid of everything AND everyone who doesn’t make you feel good – is a step forward.
You have to grow. And in order to grow, in order to reach your ideal life, you have to start by aligning with it in every way. Start acting as if you already are surrounded by people you love and start acting as if you already are on the point B.


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4. Include in your life things that are aligning with your vision.



And now we are on the right side of that paper. Think about the things you need to learn or improve to become the best version of yourself. And for that I’d suggest checking out SkillShare, an online platform with classes about photography, cooking, business, whatever you want to learn – it is there. Now is also the time to think about the story you’re telling yourself. Instead of ”It’s raining outside, I can’t go for a run today” say ”It’s raining outside, but that’s not stopping me to do a workout or some yoga at home”.

Include positive self-talk, speak the part you’re preparing the whole Universe for and start acting that part. Don’t think how you don’t have the time for something, because no one has the time. We all make the time for things we care about. Schedule the time for the life you want. If you have 30 minutes to scroll on social media, you have 30 minutes to read, as well. It’s all about prioritizing and now is the time to make your best life a priority.
Speak the part. Look the part. Act the part.

goal setting


5. Live your vision.



Don’t waste your time on thinking how to find yourself, how to find what you want. You don’t find yourself, you create yourself. Create the best you the world has ever seen. Start acting as if you already are the person you want to be and you’ll soon notice the opportunities coming your way that will help you create your best life. You have to prepare yourself for it. You can’t wake up late every day, rush to the job you hate and say how you don’t have the time to work on something you enjoy. Take an hour if that’s all that you have every day to work on an ideal version of yourself.

If you want to start a blog, start it. If you want to have more time for yourself, make the time for yourself. Get up an hour earlier or during the day take the laptop with you and go to the coffee shop to write your post. A lot of time I hear people saying how they don’t have the time for anything because they have a job, or they have kids, or both, or whatever. If you’re focusing on excuses, you’re going to find plenty of them. But if you want to focus on the ways you can live your best life, you’ll find plenty of ways to start making it happen.

It’s time to stop making excuses. There are people who were in your situation but they have made it to the point where they are living their best life now. How? By focusing on the solution. You’re not going to get too far if all you do is blaming others and finding excuses all the time.
Realize that you deserve what you want. Nothing is out of reach if you get up and go for it. Acting as if is not ”fake it till you make it”. There is absolutely nothing fake in it. Fake is to have dreams and not going for them. That’s not being true to yourself.

Acting as if is knowing you deserve the best and not being afraid to go for it even before you see it. Getting yourself in the highest vibration and, if you have been on my blog for a while, you know what I mean by that. It’s shifting your perspective, embracing change and seeing the opportunities. Letting them come to you by becoming aware of your endless potential and your worth of living the best life.
Become open to receiving everything you want by being who you want. Nothing is stopping you. Stop making excuses and start living the life you want, the way you want it.

acting as if

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Have an amazing day,


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  1. I love this post. I am working toward a REALLY BIG goal for December and my biggest part of this is visualizing my goal and acting on it.

  2. Yes! This is exactly where I am at in my life. I have committed to finally make my vision of my future my actual life. I get up at 4 to work out, started a blog a year ago, am networking regularly now, and have a daily regime that allows me to blog, vlog, and promote—all while working my full time job. And every where I go, I dress like the rockstar that I am molding. Thanks for reminding me of how far I have come In changing my story. 😀

    1. That’s fantastic! I’m so glad for you that you had the courage to go after the life you want and not settle for any less 😀 You deserve the best! 😀

  3. I have been interested in the law of attraction for a while now, just haven’t got around to reading the book: The Secret? Thank you for sharing this, it was an interesting read! It definitely has motivated me to read more into the topic!

    1. Until you get a book, you can check out the movie The Secret, it’s a great way to start getting into the Law of Attraction 🙂
      I’m glad this motivated you to get more into that topic 😀

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