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How to Make Time for Everything with Only ONE Thing?

March 5, 2018

How to make time for everything?

How to get out of an ”I don’t have time for that” mindset and add an extra few hours in a day? I’m going to share with you the one advice you can start applying to your life to make time for everything, so keep reading.

First, let’s talk about goals. We’re all different and I don’t know what motivates you, but I do know what your goal is. Your goal is to make the best of your day. To use your full potential and to go after the life you want. I also know that there is the one thing that if you would just implement THAT ONE THING in your life, you would see your life instantly changing.

Now, what am I talking about here? I’m saying that we all are creatures of habits. And what’s the key part of a habit? Trigger (the thing that pushes you to do the habit). Personally, I want to get into the habit of working out every morning, but if I wake up at 10… That’s too late, half of a day is already gone. So what happens when I wake up at 6? I exercise first thing in the morning and I have so much time for all the other things.

If you want to work on your hobbies but you don’t have time, wake up 2 hours earlier every day and see how magically you do have all the time you need.

To answer the question ”how to make time for everything”, think about the ONE thing you can change in your life that would immediately change everything else.
I’ll give another example, if you have a bigger family and you’re the one who does all the cooking and it takes up so much of your time and energy, consider meal prepping. Each Sunday you can buy the food you’ll need throughout the week. Then take a few hours to prepare everything, put it the containers and that’s it. You don’t have to stress out about food anymore and you have time to focus on your goals.

Here is a great video about meal prep to give you some ideas for healthy meals.
Or if you’re wasting so much time on cleaning, get rid of the things you don’t need and there’s going to be less clutter to deal with.



So include ONE habit in your life that will make everything else fall into place. Think about what you want to accomplish and why you are avoiding it. Why does it seem to be so far and you can’t find a solution to get yourself to do that? And then change it. Make it easier for yourself.

I have an article that is all about time management talking about how to stop wasting your time so jump over here for that, but this time I wanted to share with you only one thing that is actually the most challenging because it’s something that you’re going to do every day, and it’s going to change your life immensely. Ask yourself what are you continuously complaining about when it comes to spending your time. And focus on changing only one thing. See where it goes…

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Q: What is the one thing that you’ll start doing to make time for everything?


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  1. When I exercised first thing in the morning I would have the time and energy for all the other activities I wanted to engage in. Now I cannot do this because I have to get to work for 7:30 and it is not safe to run at that time.consequently. I just can’t find the time to do the things I should be doing. thanks for sharing.

    1. I believe you could start tracking what you spend your time on for a few days to see what you can change/improve/let go of. I’m sure there is always a solution to every situation, but we have to be 100% willing to change the situation that is not working and see it from different angles to find different answers. I hope you’ll find the time for things that make you feel good πŸ™‚

  2. I love love love this entire philosophy and its so true. If I can do my skincare routine every night I feel like i Have it together

  3. I’ve been trying to declutter, and sometimes it has worked β€” but all four of us are item keepers and it’s hard to convince a child (or husband) to strip down β€œstuff.” I also love routine, so I’ve been getting to the YMCA as early as possible, or after getting workdeadlines out of the way. My flexible work schedule makes this possible.

    Great advice!

    1. I’d suggest focusing on yourself by decluttering your stuff and then when they see how everything is better when there’s less stuff to deal with, it can only inspire them to do the same. Lead by example πŸ™‚ Also, your prioritizing is great πŸ˜€
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it πŸ˜€

  4. One thing I will start doing is when I think of something I need to do I will either write it down or if I have time, go do it so it doesn’t get left behind and procrastinated!

    1. That’s fantastic πŸ˜€ And also something I try to do a lot lately, if a task takes 10 minutes or less, I do it immediately πŸ™‚

  5. Love it! I’m trying to figure out that one thing because I’m over here LOSING MY MIND! I just feel so busy lately, and almost like I’m just spinning my wheels. But it is so important to find that most important thing, and a lot of times, it takes settling in with self through practices like meditation and all that. Growing! Thanks for the post, love!

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