”100 Steps Closer” eBook


In 100 Steps Closer eBook I cover 100 segments of life, such as career, money, friendships, forgiveness, creativity, limiting beliefs, health, love, and everything in between.
Each segment has a motivational quote focused on that area- to give you motivation,
affirmation – to start believing in yourself and start using your full potential,
journal prompts – to understand better that area of your life and gain clarity on how you could grow in that area,
and ideas for action steps you can take in order to improve that segment of your life.
With this eBook, I want to help you realize that you have full control over your life. I want you to remember what your strengths are and to start believing in yourself and your endless potential in order to create the life you want.

I want to remind you how powerful you are and how you can achieve absolutely anything you want in your life, one step at a time.

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What readers think:

Priya Ghosh from
Thank you very much, Ivana. I downloaded your eBook and found it to be very very interesting.  
I love how you have motivated your readers to take an action step after each quote. My goal is to finish all the action steps from your book.Product Sales Page:


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