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How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

February 15, 2018

Today we’re talking about taking some serious action that will lead your life if the direction YOU want it to go. If you don’t know what to do next, if you’re wondering how to stay motivated and achieve your goals, keep reading.


1. What is your goal?

Make your goal specific. What do you want to accomplish and by when? You’re perfectly capable of achieving everything you set your mind to. Go crazy, dream big. And then dream a bit bigger, because we are talking about YOUR life here. And if you want to get in the best shape ever by summer, if you want to ace your exams, if you want to move to Melbourne – YOU CAN.  You just have to take the right steps to get there.

So write down your biggest goals for this year/the next 3 months/you choose. Step number 1 to stay motivated is getting clear on your goals. Getting the focus right. Imagine that you’re taking a picture – first, you have to find focus, and then take a picture. Otherwise, the picture won’t turn out how you wanted.

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2. Your ”why?” will help you stay motivated.

If you don’t know the reason as to why you want to accomplish something, you’re not going to give your best to achieve it. Dig deep into your soul and find the reason you’re going to be willing to take action on your ambitions. Now we’re talking about your FEELINGS. Think about how you would feel once the goal is reached? If you want to get in shape, why do you want to do that? Is it because your body will be stronger? Are you going to feel more energized? Are you going to build confidence? Find the motive behind every goal and write it down. Also, you can write down the feelings you’ll have if you DON’T reach that goal, so the next time you feel lazy you can motivate yourself by choosing between feeling proud/ feeling sad.


3. Know yourself.

This one is extremely important and I realized this one only recently. You have to know yourself so that you can work with your strengths and stay motivated to get things done. If you know that you work better 2 days before the deadline than starting a month earlier, then it’s better for you to start only 2 days before. Yes, you may feel stressed and rushed, but if knowing that it’s the last minute is what makes you work more efficient – then do it that way.

Or, if you know you work better at night because it’s calmer and no one is distracting you, then don’t try to be an early bird. UNLESS you’re staying up late to watch TV and you waste your time at nights, then DO try to be an early bird (more on how to establish an ideal productive morning routine here).

Essentially, what you want to do is work smarter, not harder. So don’t fight yourself and work the way you know is going to get you the best results.
BUT, change what needs to be changed. There are certainly some things you know are bringing you down. Those, you’ll have to change. If you find yourself sleeping too much/watching Netflix all the time, those are the things you need to change (more on how to stop wasting your time here). If you want to change your life for the better, you can’t keep being the same person you’ve been. Change everything that is not serving you.

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4. Plan smarter.

Ditch the old ways. We are talking about gaining focus and starting living the life you desire. You’ll have to change something to stay motivated. First thing is reflecting on the past. Now, I’m not someone who is living in the past but I make sure every Sunday I look at the week that has passed and I review it all. How many times have I exercised and when? 6 times first thing in the morning after having my orange juice. Okay, I’ll keep doing that. How many blog posts have I written? 2. Hmm, I’ll need to change that if I want to be a full-time blogger. Next week I’ll write 4. See what we’re doing here? Just reviewing to see what works and what doesn’t so the next week we’re ready to reach those goals with improved strategies.
Also, get into the habit of writing a to-do list each night for the day ahead so that when you wake up, you always know you’re priorities for the day.

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5. Act as if & visualize.

Act as if you already have achieved your goals. How would the person that is in a great shape act like? Definitely, that person wouldn’t overeat, trained once a month etc. Start acting as if you are already who you want to be, living the life you want to live. Visualize yourself living in your ideal apartment, having an ideal job (more on how to visualize and how to make visualization work here).

Be confident in yourself and have faith in the Universe that everything that you desire, you will have. Visualize how you want your day to go and act as if anything is possible. You have every right to live the life of your dreams, you just have to take the right steps that will lead you towards it.
Also, more on acting as if – here.


6. Be grateful.

Be grateful for what you have now. For all the resources that are helping you to reach your goals. For all the opportunities you have and even for those that are yet to come. You never know when you’re going to have that one opportunity that will open all the doors for you. You never know when you’ll meet someone that is going to help you achieve your goal. But only by being grateful you can open yourself to those experiences.

Only by being aware and valuing all the things you already have, you can receive more abundance in your life.
Start your day by naming 3 things you’re grateful for and end your day by being thankful for some positive things that have happened to you throughout the day. It will instantly help you stay motivated and it will improve your mood.


7. Decide.

Now is time to make a decision. Decide that from this moment you’re going to go after the life you want. If you say ”starting next Monday I’ll…”, then your ideal life will start the Monday after the day you’d like it to start. Realize that by procrastinating you’re pushing your goals away. Don’t do that to yourself. You deserve to live your best life. You deserve to have it all. Say to yourself that you’re worthy of living the life of your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Not even yourself. I encourage you to live the life you want because you absolutely can live the life you want. The choice is yours.

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Q: What helps you to stay motivated and get things done?

Have an amazing day,


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    1. Great article! I love acting as if. This one is a serious game changer. When we have desires to become or active they remain dreams until we decide to become the person who can and does achieve these desires. This is an extremely important part of any change or advancement in self!

  1. I would guess that “grateful” step is often overlooked. I love thinking through these things and finding new facets like this to concentrate on. Thanks for a nice list!

  2. I love that you brought up gratitude! It’s such an important thing to add to your attitude (I guess I’m a poet 😅). Honestly realizing how many things we have to be grateful for, including the ability to chase our dreams and the resources to better ourselves, really changes our perspective. It’s amazingly uplifting!

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