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5 Things You Will Gain from a Solo Adventure

July 2, 2018

How travelling solo develops the real you?
Do you know what you want from life? Do you doubt your choices sometimes? Do you know who the real you is? These are all difficult questions to answer when we keep ourselves in lives we know so well. Routine and stability have many advantages, but often a comfortable life doesn’t provide what we need to really understand who we are.


Travelling solo is an experience that challenges you in ways you could never have imagined. It is also a very rewarding experience that stays with you forever. Here, we’re going to focus on just 5 of the things you stand to gain from a solo adventure and why travelling solo develops the real you.


  1. Discovering Your Real Interests


We all think we know where our true interests lie. Usually, this is something you excel at in school or something other people know you for. Perhaps you’re the funny one or the bright one, the kind one or the sporty one. But do we really know our true interests if that’s something we’ve simply always done or been?


Travelling solo allows you to re-discover yourself along with your genuine interests and hobbies. You may well be the sporty one at home but perhaps once you are all alone in the world in a new and exciting place, you discover a passion for marine life you didn’t know you had. Or perhaps your friends and family know you as the funny one, but actually, once you are in solitude you discover a deep desire to write and express yourself in more serious ways.


Discovering your real interests is a huge benefit to solo adventure. This helps you develop so many aspects of the real you. You may find yourself connecting to a whole other group of friends who share your genuine passion. Or you may choose a completely different career path to the one you had planned because actually there’s something else more important that you discover you want to spend your life doing.

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traveling solo

  1. Letting Yourself Be Bored


For most of us, we live in a very busy, digital age where anything we want can be ordered at the click of a button and our calendars are booked up weeks, if not months, in advance. In this busy digital world, we are constantly on the go. When was the last time you actually felt bored?


Travelling solo doesn’t always run smoothly. You may have delayed flight connections, long-haul overland travel or time spent in isolation in new places where you don’t know anyone yet. Being bored might not sound like fun but actually, it is the only way to tap into so many creative parts of yourself, many of which have probably been buried under the business of modern life for far too long.


Letting yourself be a little bored is another great advantage to taking a solo adventure. It could allow you to develop skills you didn’t know you had or hear silent messages from your body that you didn’t know were there.  Boredom is key to creative development and once you make friends with boredom, you may actually find you desire it, along with a little peace, in your day-to-day life.


  1. Depending On Yourself


If you are lucky enough to be constantly surrounded by friends and family, colleagues and lovers, you probably never fully depend on yourself. Without even realizing it, most of us grow so used to depending on others for a variety of needs. You might only rely on your dad as a taxi when you really haven’t got the money for a regular one, or your nan to sow that button on your favourite dress because no-one learns to sow anymore, right? But even just the odd time that you allow someone else to help you, is a form of dependence.


Travelling solo means being alone in the world. Of course, all the people you love are more than likely to always be at the other end of the phone or laptop for reassurance or heartfelt advice. But physically, you are alone. You can’t ask someone else to help you run that errand of fill in that form, because they aren’t with you at this time.


Depending on yourself is one the biggest benefits of solo adventure. When we have to depend on ourselves, we grow in places we never thought possible. We rise up to so many challenges we might not have thought we could face and we thrive in our new environment. Not only that, but depending on yourself makes you so unbelievably grateful for the people in your life that do support you and gives you a new level of appreciation for the support network you have.

traveling solo

  1. Removing Distractions


In this hectic and busy modern world, distractions are everywhere. If you feel sad about a test result, a friend is likely to make you smile again with some yummy food and a movie. If you missed out on a place in the show you auditioned for, your instructor will probably reassure you that you did your best and suggest some other auditions you can try instead.


Travelling solo removes all distractions that are typically placed in front of you to help you feel better about life’s disappointments or unfairness. For perhaps the first time in your life, you are alone with the colour of your own thoughts and no-one else to make you feel better about them. But don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Removing distractions is yet another huge advantage to solo adventure. When you’re alone with your true emotions and feelings and avoid the need to distract yourself from them, you can really understand what they are there to teach you and then grow from that experience.  Removing distractions is a healthy exercise to help you connect with your true self.


  1. Discovering What You Are Really Made Of


When we travel alone, we are forced to stand up for ourselves, encouraged to be braver than normal and inspired to try new things. Discovering that actually you might be able to do a bungee jump or you can haggle at that local market will create feelings of empowerment from within. Often we are so much stronger than what we give ourselves credit for and surer of ourselves than what we allow to be seen in our day-to-day routines.


Travelling solo will compel you to see yourself in a new light and become the person you always thought you could be. You’ll enjoy feelings of pride and courage, mixed with fear and uncertainty. But ultimately, you’ll discover that you hold all the of the power to be the person you really want to be.


Discovering what you are truly made of is probably the greatest thing you stand to gain from a solo adventure. Seeing and feeling your true capabilities is a liberating experience that some of us may never tap into if we don’t push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. We have to break the comfortable mold we’re in order to discover who we really are.

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traveling solo

To conclude, these are just 5 of the many things you stand to gain from travelling solo. It’s a natural desire to want to discover the real you and without doubt, solo adventure is one of the best places to start.

If you are unsure who the real you is or what the real you wants from life, it’s about time you considered travelling solo. Take the time to get to know yourself and all your colours. Discover the things you love and hate, the way you want to experience life and most importantly, the real you.

Guest contributor:

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Karen Rose is a Freelance Travel Writer at Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost where they write what they love in a way that engages others, whilst representing tourism positively and focusing on eco travel experiences. They aim to inspire people to explore their homes by sharing their passion for England, the UK & Europe, encourage natural based travel with a focus on animal welfare, vegan food, and outdoor adventures and ignite responsible travel in the next generation by motivating families to enjoy the simple life together.

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  1. I started travelling solo over 30 years ago in my early 20’s and it had an enormous impact on my life. So much so that after being married for a few years and realising that I was becoming dependent on having my partner with me on trips I decided to cross Europe by train alone. It was a great way to remind myself that I still have to skills I developed when I was the only one making decisions! My daughter decided to travel solo around Asia last year which I was pleased about – it encourages independence, self-reliance and is something everyone should do!

    1. That is such an amazing thing! Couldn’t agree more with you, traveling solo teaches us things we would never even experience if we would rely on other people while traveling, without having the freedom to experience the world by ourselves.

    2. Wow! Tracy it makes us so happy to read a comment like yours. We agree 100%. Travelling definitely teaches skills we otherwise would not develop. Thank you for sharing and keep encouraging those you know to travel far and wide.

  2. This is so inspiring! I remember the first time I travelled alone. I went to London, a city I had visited a few times before and absolutely loved it. But this time it was so overwhelming. I kept getting lost, missed my friends… but I also had the best time and realised just how strong I am. Everyone should travel alone at least once, it’s such a confidence booster.

    1. Hi Giorgia! We are so happy to hear your first solo trip made you feel this way. Isn’t it amazing how strong we are when we are placed out of our comfort zones? Thank you so much for reading and we are very pleased you found our piece inspiring. Please share with any friends you have who are considering solo travel and need that little nudge.

    1. Hi Brandon! We are so happy to hear that. We feel solo travel is something everyone should try, at least once. If you’re just getting started with the planning, we highly recommend you read Embrace Your First Trip Alone which is linked at the end of bullet point 5 above. Happy Planning!

    2. Yay Brandon! How wonderful. Thank you so much for your comment. This is what makes writing online worth it. Do you have any ideas where you might travel solo for the first time? We highly recommend you read Embrace Your First Trip Alone which is linked at the end of bullet point 5 above if you are trying to decide where to go and what you might like to do solo. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or support.

  3. While my experiences traveling solo weren’t under the best of circumstances, I learned a lot and was able to discover a lot about myself. I also enjoyed me time that I got to really reflect on my life. It was something that I would love to do again, especially since now I have a husband and kids.

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for sharing your experience of solo travel and the things you gained from it. We feel everyone should make time for it, especially once we take on more responsibilities and commitments in life. It’s the best restart, isn’t it? We hope you get to take a solo adventure, no matter how small, very soon.

  4. Great read and all totally true! I am a total promoter of solo travel. I think it’s super good for the soul. Or at least it was for mine

    1. Hi Jo! We agree. It’s the best thing for the soul and we are so pleased you have found this too. Do you know anyone who should embrace their first trip alone?

  5. This is so good! I love traveling alone, and I really have gained a lot by doing so. I think everyone should take some time for solo travel as soon as they get the chance!

    1. Hi Abby! We couldn’t agree more. We’d love to encourage more people to take that step and give it a go. Where is your favourite place to travel solo that you can recommend we try?

  6. Traveling solo has its pros and cons. But there is so much we can learn from traveling solo. I like your perspective of traveling solo and agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Adrian. That’s fantastic to hear. We love helping others discover solo travel because we feel it is so advantageous to self development and growth. Have a great Friday!

    1. Hi. We are so happy to hear you loved this article. It really is a topic so close to our hearts. We wish you lots of luck with your 2018 travel bucket list! Where are you headed to next?

  7. I always wanted to do that too, but always have the fear to go out alone. But I hope next time I can be brave enough to do it and step out of my comfort zone. I’m sure it will be amazing and discover more new things that are actually in this world and learn more about myself.

    1. Hi Lala! For certain, you will learn so much about yourself and never regret taking a solo trip. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little fearful and unsure of what we don’t know. We highly recommend you read Embrace Your First Trip Alone which is linked at the end of bullet point 5 above. We always say, if you’ve thought about it, you will always think about it. We want to help give people the support they need to take that first step because we know you will gain so much from it. If you have any questions after reading Embrace Your First Trip Alone, feel free to reach out to us. Happy reading!

  8. Great reading! It sound scary even while I read this to go for adventure called travelling solo because you stay alone with yourself without any distractions and that can be very intimidating :))But what is true is that there’s no better way to truly get to know yourself, your feelings, your values.

    1. We are so happy to hear you enjoyed reading this post. Many people tell us that the thought of travelling solo scares them, for various reasons. We agree that being completely alone can be super intimidating! But we have found that it is definitely the best way, if not the only way, to really get to know yourself. We always advise people to take a small step first when it comes to solo travel. You can read about this in more detail in the link at the end of bullet point number 5. We promise, solo travel is totally worth it.

  9. I experienced one of the things you mentioned in the post and it was getting bored. My flight was delayed and I had to spend next 3 hours at airport. I don’t think I was more bored anytime.

    1. Hi Devendra! It can be so boring when these things happen, can’t it? What did you do to pass the time and were you able to enjoy this time in any way? We find that travelling can involve a lot of waiting, especially in certain parts of the world. In these times, we recommend reading a good book, listening to your favourite music or using the time to document your travels in a journal or vlog!

  10. Love this post. I took my first solo trip a few years ago and met so many great people, and experienced such peace. It is very liberating. Not having to wait on anyone but yourself, you go when you want where you want and with whom you want. Please keep the great post coming.

    1. We are so happy to hear you loved this post. It is a topic that is very close to our hearts. We will be sure to keep the great posts rolling! And we hope you enjoy and gain from your next solo adventure.

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