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How to Use Visualization to Get What You Want

February 6, 2018

So you’ve heard all about vision boards, you know about Law of Attraction and visualization, but how to actually use visualization to get what you want? How and why all successful entrepreneurs you’ve heard of are visualizing their goals each morning? How do they make Law of Attraction work for them?


1. Why do people use visualization?


If you use visualization to get what you want, it will help you relax and focus on achieving your goals, and also it will let your creativity flow because you will find different ways to achieve what you want. So to answer why do people use it:
– To make their goals specific and clear. If you want to move to Melbourne, don’t just say ”I want to live in Melbourne”. Be specific so that you know what are you working towards. What do you see through your kitchen window in Melbourne while you’re making your coffee in the morning? How do you feel? Who is with you? Get into the details.
– For motivation. Use it as a reminder for what you want to achieve.
– To boost their mood and reduce stress. There is no limit when it comes to visualizing your ideal life. Realize that what is in your head will be in your hands. When you see your desires in your mind, you see it as a reality, as a situation that can easily be real.

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2. How to visualize what you want?


You can utilize a vision board as a reminder of what your ideal life looks like. I have mine as a desktop background and I made it in Canva with a couple of pictures for different areas in my life (ideal travel destinations/health/job etc.). You can also use Pinterest for some extra inspiration. Great way to visualize can be through affirmations. Saying to yourself that you HAVE that ideal job, that you ARE in a great shape (make sure you use the present tense, not future). Or even while you’re meditating and taking deep breaths you can imagine yourself working in a big apartment in your favorite city (or whatever the case may be for you, there is no limit).
If you have a few minutes extra, you can journal it. For instance, if it’s morning and you’re currently in your room drinking coffee, you can just close your eyes, imagine yourself where you would like to be right now and write it out as if you are already there. To use visualization to get what you want, describe the whole situation and really tap into the feelings.

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3. How to make visualization work?


FEEL IT. Get in the highest vibration, have the feeling you would have once you fulfill those goals. Are you having the biggest smile on your face? Crying tears of joy? While visualizing – don’t worry about the process of accomplishing your goals, focus on the end result. Ask yourself how does it feel. Make it so that it feels real. Feel it with your whole body and soul. Believe that it’s possible. Believe you deserve it. You deserve the best life. You deserve everything you dream of. Now just imagine yourself having it all and experience how that would feel.


4. What next?


Take action. Once you’ve prepared yourself and the Universe for what you want in your life, go for it. You’ve seen the end goal, you’ve experienced it in your mind, now you have the focus and will to do the work. Be open for unexpected opportunities the Universe will bring you on your journey now that you’re both on the same frequency and don’t forget the gratitude. Always be grateful for everything you already have. For opportunities that led you to where you are and where you want to get.
Act as if. If you want to be a YouTuber, act like one – post videos at least once a week, improve your thumbnails and editing. If you want to be fit, act as if you already are – exercise at least 3 times a week, eat intuitively, drink a lot of water.
Start being a person you want to be. It’s going to happen. Your ideal life is already in your vision. Now is the time to get up and live that vision. Live your best life.



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  1. Hi Ivana,
    Great post. I just loved it. And from my experience, I can say that visualization technique is amazing. I have used it and found the results. Also when you get what you wanted, is always similar to your visualization. Again thanks for this post.

  2. Yes! Great post! I’ve been visualizing for the past couple of months and it has literally changed my life in so many ways! I feel much more positive!

  3. Hi, Ivana!

    I want to thank you for your videos and website, you’re VERY good at explaining the concepts and ideas of manifesting and co creation. I do look forward to more content and seeing your channel/website blow up.

  4. Such a positive post. I just started on the road of the Law of Attraction, so I appreciate the details like “what’s outside my window” because I don’t pay attention to the details when I’m manifesting but am going to start. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. So glad you liked it! Yes, definitely go into details so that the Universe knows exactly what you’re asking for and you can open yourself for receiving it πŸ™‚

  5. Now I want to move to Melbourne! (Lol) I think the use of visualization boards is a great way to make your dreams turn to reality. I like sketching and use this method for my cookie designs but it’d definitely work for home plans πŸ’•

    1. Well, good luck to us both haha That’s great! You could even sketch your own vision board, I saw some boards like that, they look pretty cool πŸ™‚

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